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Zaio.io, one of the most innovative EdTech startups in Africa (I personally call them the African Scrimba), has joined the Chaptr Global marketplace as it seeks to expand its program offering beyond the South African market.

So, what exactly does Zaio do?

Founded in the hallways of University of Cape Town, Zaio started off as a typical coding bootcamp upskilling over 1000 South Africans into Frontend Development, Backend Development, and Full-Stack Development. However, in the past two years, Zaio pivoted from its bootcamp model to an on-demand learning platform that offers project-based courses and live one-on-one tutor support to students. The most significant advancement of their pivot was the launch of their learning management system that allows students to code live as they go through their course videos. The best way to learn to code is to put your skills to practice. Nothing fulfils this better than having a live coding environment integrated with course videos.Zaio is also accredited and students graduate with a Level 5 NQF certificate. Their graduates have been hired by top companies such as Amazon Web Services, Accenture, Investec, among others.

And, what is the Chaptr Marketplace?

The Chaptr Marketplace is one of the services offered by Chaptr Global (the leading income-share agreements provider in the continent) matching students to technical schools offering innovative financing options such as flexible payments and income-share agreements. The marketplace allows students to discover technical programs that fit their needs and Chaptr helps in recommending programs to students based on their career interest, location, expected commitment, and financing options available. More importantly, Chaptr does not charge schools or students any matching fees, we only get a 10% commission from the school once a student is enrolled and has paid the program fees.Apart from the marketplace, Chaptr is primarily an income-share agreement (ISA) provider working with schools to allow students to pay only what they can afford, learn, and pay the rest once they are earning. We take away the burden of student ISA vetting, income-tracking and ISA payment collection from schools. This allows schools to focus on their learning programs and students outcomes while offering ISAs through us.

Finally, what does the partnership entail?

The Zaio-Chaptr partnership targets young Kenyans looking to upskill into Software Development. Zaio will be listed on the Chaptr Marketplace, students will then be matched with Zaio by applying on the marketplace. We are also exploring options for Zaio to offer income-share agreements in Kenya then South Africa, to be piloted later in the year.

If you are a school, looking to increase enrolments by offering income-share agreements as a financing option and joining the Chaptr marketplace, you learn more from our website or reach out to us directly through this form.

If you are a student, you can learn more about income-share agreements here and you can discover programs and get matched to schools through the Chaptr.